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Kathy Tobias was born and raised in a small town among a rural community in Minnesota, with a passion for cosmetology. In the early 90’ she began her work at the Aveda Institute  She was certified with a cosmetology license from Aveda in 1995.

She held two consecutive instructor positions in career cosmetology; one at the leading-edge Minneapolis area Scot Lewis School of Cosmetology and also at Hastings Beauty School of Minnesota, where she co-managed operations for student counsel and the retail team, created lesson plans, performed various duties including procurement, inventory control, student grading and evaluations.

Kathy gained experience in retail salon operations and management for the JCPenny Salon in Woodbury, Minnesota with intensive experience in customer service, and in-depth scope salon product industry.

Kathy is also a certified Health and Nutrition Practitioner, a Wife, Mother and Grandmother. I decided to become a health and Wellness Practitioner along with a Massage Therapist to fulfill my passion in supporting groups and individuals who are ready to invest their energy and efforts into a commitment to a new life style change, so they may realize their desire for health, wellness and balance.

 “It’s about improving your quality of life."  





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